Education To Underprivileged

Badhte Kadam has been running regular classes in the afternoon only for children from EWS.

We have established a Education Center in Dhobi Ghat slum area of Jamia Nagar Okhla which is a backward and unauthorized area in New Delhi. Many labor class families reside here. The families over here live a harsh and tough life working for the whole day to just earn their families two square meals a day. They have to work hard for their survival. Many did not even spend their earnings on their children as they thought it to be a waste of money. So the children had no option but to stay at home or work against their wish. This would have created another generation with illiteracy.

To terminate this chain and help the children, we conducted a survey identifying the kids who did not go to school. Following this, we talked to their parents convincing them to send their children to school. We, at our centers, provided the children with elementary education after the completion of which we registered them in a recognized institution. Our efforts helped the children to come to the main stream and live a life full of opportunities like any other child.

Stark Reality of Children in India
Over 1.1 million children below the age of 5 years die every year in India due to lack of proper healthcare facilities.
1 in 8 children work as a labourer and over 6 million children cannot afford school in India.
More than 50% of the children are out of the school system before elementary level.
40% of children are suffering from severe illness due to unhygienic conditions.

Legal Aid Camp

“Legal aid means providing an arrangement in the society so that the mission of administration of justice becomes easily accessible and is not out of reach of those who have to resort to it for enforcement… the poor and illiterate should be able to approach the courts, and their ignorance and poverty should not be an impediment in the way of their obtaining justice from the courts. Legal aid should be available to the poor and illiterate, who don't have access to courts. One need not be a litigant to seek aid by means of legal aid.

We are the voice for those who suffer in silence, face oppression, and struggle to access justice because of poverty. Since 2014, we have proudly advocated for our EWS, changing the laws one case at a time, one reform at a time. We are fiercely committed to advancing equal justice for all Indians, every single day in every single way.

We Demand Equal Justice
Working tirelessly in the courtroom and in the community
to ensure all Indians receive fair treatment.

We Stand With The Powerless
Serving those who are served least
by ensuring their voice is heard.

We Put EWS First
Communicating with the people we serve
to give them the options they need to thrive.

Roti Bank/Kapda Bank

There is Enough on this planet for everyone's need but not for everyone's greed". In a country where millions of people go hungry every day with the population approaching 1.3 billion, according to FAO (The Food and Agricultural Organisation) around 190.7 million people are undernourished in India. The global hunger index (2018) ranks India 103 out of 119 Countries. But despite the grim scenario, there still is sunshine and instead of depending on the government to handle poverty, even the common people are doing their bit. Badhte Kadam breaking the shackles of hunger, by feeding 50-100 people every day.

The initiative, called 'Roti Bank', collects leftovers from restaurants, clubs and parties in locality of Okhla area, stores it and distributes it to the poor before the food gets stale.

The organization follows a very simple way of collecting food and bringing it to the needy. We have a helpline number where anyone who needs to donate food can make a call. The volunteers are sent and the food is collected. It is then segregated, packed and distributed among the poor.

"Our basic idea is to mitigate hunger of the needy people," Our city has two facets - one where food is wasted in parties, restaurants and the other, where people go to bed empty stomach. We act like a chain between them,"

We have reached out to nearly 10,000 needy people in the city so far. Wherever Bank passes by, it brings hope among the hungry people and their feeling after getting food is undefinable,"

Badhte kadam come up with “Kapda Bank” to help those who cannot afford to buy some for themselves. The prime objective of this bank is to collect clothes from people who no longer need them or those who want to donate their clothes, and distribute those clothes to the poor and the needy people. We have managed to raise as many as 5,000 pairs of clothes apart from footwear and toys.

All clothes are examined for wear, tear, missing buttons before they are given in transparent plastic bags to the beneficiaries. So, if you are in Delhi and have clothes to donate, you can deposit your clothes with us, so that the needy can benefit from it.


Our Education Mission

Education is the most effective method of reintegration into society.

Providing free education with emphasis on moral upliftment.

We are imparting free education to poor and deprived childern. The no. of such children at present is around 1000 spread over 10 centers (schools) located in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana.

Besides education, we provide them free books and all sort of writing material, uniforms, shoes, socks and sweaters Etc.

Running literacy classes for adult women mostly working as domestic help.

Special emphasis on education for girl child -

More emphasis has been given for the education of the girl child and every friday has been keept as an activity day during which emphasis is been given on moral education and extracurricular activities. These schools run in the afternoon i.e. from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

A society has been able to provide benefit to a large number of poor sections of the society. Starting from 15 poor children in the year 2009.

Republic Day Celebration, 2019

For us Educating these children doesn't only mean what we taught them during class. On various occasions we organized program like Flag Hoisting, Cultural program, Dance Competition, Poster making Competition Etc.


Your small effort can make a big difference

It is all about the affection and loves you shower that matters every time you help us with the contributions. Our volunteers and donor from the rudimentary pillars for our success and when you join hands with BADHTE KADAM you receive:

  • The soul-deep satisfaction of knowing that you have transformed a child’s life forever
  • Regular updates about how your money is contributing to the change
  • Tax Benefits under section 80G
  • Power to build a sustainable society by providing underprivileged children with the means to achieve their dreams.